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Sizing FAQ

How is European sizing different?

In Europe they are using the metric system and for example bra band sizes use 5 centimeter increments, instead of 2 inches.  That being said they are very close.  All products are marked with US size equivalents and in 99% of cases customers buy the same size to which they are accustomed.  What really matters is that different styles fit differently and brands are always a little different from one another, just like with US brands.

French Size shift

In France items that are made in Small/Medium/Large etc. sizes shift down one size when adjusted to USA sizing standards.  In other words what is a Medium in France would be considered a Small in the USA.  Therefore, certain items from French companies that are made only in Small, Medium and Large will not have a USA Large option available.

What size panties/nightie should I get?

There are several different methods you can go by.  If you have equal proportions top and bottom you can follow this guideline:  30 inch  bra band size/XS panties, 32/S, 34/M, 36/L, 38/XL and so on.  If you are a little bigger or smaller adjust accordingly.  OR another option is to go by dress size"  2 - 4/S, 6 - 8/M, 10 - 12/L, 14 - 16/XL, etc.

Feel free to contact me if you have any sizing questions.