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Lingerie Care

You didn’t just purchase fabulous new lingerie today, you made an investment in how you look and feel. Sadly nothing lasts forever but by following these guidelines you can make it last for years.

Hand Wash

We can’t stress this enough. Washing machines and dryers are lingerie killers. The heat breaks down the fabric fibers and shortens their lifespan. Washing machines bend the wires, twist the fabric, and make t-shirt bras wrinkly. Not to mention detergents are way too harsh on the fine fabrics and special materials used to make your new unmentionables.

What should you wash them with? A baby detergent, lingerie wash, or specialty organic fabric wash. Soak your bras in cool soapy water for approximately a half hour. This will help highly elastic items return to their original shape. Sometimes, but not often, some dark dyes can be released the first few washings, so do your light colors first. Rinse them well and gently squeeze excess water out. Never wring them out!

If washing makes them wear out faster how often should you wash them? Good question. It depends on you and the climate you live in. If you live somewhere it can be hot and humid need to wash after every wearing. When perspiration is not an issue you should be able to wear it three or four times between washings.

ALWAYS air-dry your lingerie, either hanging up or laid out flat away from the sun and other heat sources.

Washing Machine

If you really must use a washing machine then at the very least, hook bras closed, put them in a lingerie bag with similar colors and wash in cool water using the delicate cycle.


Do not wear the same bra two days in a row. Stretchy fabrics such as Lycra need time to recover their shape after being stretched all day. What will happen is over time the band will get loose and your bra won’t fit properly any more. So rotate every day.