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Do You Love Aubade? Join the Club!

Prospective Members

Here at Better Than Cheesecake we are Aubade Paris superfans. Do you love Aubade too? Well if so than I think you'll be glad you stumbled onto this website. We have kind of a little club for Aubade superfans. These are the benefits of being a member:

  • Advance look at what is coming in future seasons
  • Special members only pricing on pre-paid advance orders
  • I’ll pass along any savings from special offers
  • Order from almost any collection*
  • Access to past pieces still in the Aubade warehouses

*Some collections are not offered for sale in the US market.

"How do I become a member?" you may be asking. Well if you've ever bought something from us before all you have to do is ask by sending us an e-mail. We are gonna verify that purchase though! If you haven't ever bought anything from us, well you gotta do that first! Either buy something in-stock (the easier way) or contact us for options on making a special order.

Never heard of Aubade Paris? WHAT?! How can that be!? A little background information is in order then.

Aubade can trace it's roots back to the 1875 when it was founded as a corsetry maker. The name Aubade was adopted in the 1958 and was the first lingerie company to make bras and panties in matching colors. They innovated front-close, strapless and halter bras.

Lingerie comes in two categories:

Basics/Permanents are those ranges that are offered for sale year round on an ongoing basis. They come and go as well, as fashion and tastes change but in general last for years.

Fashion ranges are those that are seasonal. There are two seasons Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. These ranges are produced in limited numbers and when gone are gone.

Aubade is different from most companies because about 80% of their offerings are fashion and 20% is permanents. Most lingerie companies are the opposite.

Aubade makes bras from 30 to 42 band sizes, from A to G cups. Panties come in XS to XXL.

Reminders for Members

PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE. After we receive your order you will be sent an invoice. If your invoice has not been paid by the final order deadline your order will be canceled.

BE SURE OF YOUR SIZE. If you are unsure consult with me prior to placing your order because RETURNS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

RETURNS ARE NOT ALLOWED! Why? Because I cannot return them to Aubade I would just have to try to sell them on to someone else.