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The Seduction Club

Dear Lingerie Enthusiasts,

For as long as I can remember, being involved in the lingerie industry had been my lifelong dream. The allure of delicate lace, the artistry in craftsmanship, and the ability to make women feel confident and beautiful resonated with my soul. With unwavering determination, I took the leap and started my very own lingerie boutique.

However, despite pouring my heart and soul into the business, the reality proved to be more challenging than I had anticipated. The demands of running a physical store became overwhelming. It was disheartening to see my dream struggle to flourish, and I found myself at a crossroads, unsure of the next steps.

But life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. After shutting down the physical shop, I stumbled accidentally upon a way my passion for lingerie could still be fulfilled in a different capacity, by special ordering for dedicated fans of the exquisite French brand Aubade.

This unexpected turn of events has breathed new life into my passion and allowed me to continue pursuing my love for lingerie in a way that resonates with both my customers and me. It has reminded me that setbacks can be blessings in disguise, leading us to discover alternative paths that align more closely with our dreams.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting new adventure. Together, let us celebrate the beauty of lingerie and the empowerment it brings to all who embrace it.

The Seduction Club

The Seduction Club is made up of enthusiasts of the high-end French lingerie brand Aubade. Each season I collect the special orders of those in the club and place the orders.

These are the benefits of being a member:
  • See what is coming up in future seasons
  • Members receive a 20% discount on orders
  • Free shipping
  • Additional savings on special offers
  • Order from any collection offered to the US market

There are two ways to become a member. If you buy or have bought something from me you are welcome to join. The second option is to be referred by a current member. Just send an e-mail by clicking on the envelope.


Lingerie comes in two categories:

Permanents are those ranges that are offered for sale year round on an ongoing basis. They come and go as well, as fashion and tastes change but in general last for years. They usually come in basic colors such as white, black, and nude but sometimes others.

Fashion ranges are those that are seasonal. These are produced in limited numbers and when gone are gone forever. There are two seasons: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Each season is further divided into two collections with a catalog for each. I place an order for each collection.

Aubade is different from most companies because about 80% of their offerings are fashion and 20% are permanents. Most lingerie companies are the opposite.

Aubade makes bras from 30 to 42 band sizes, from A to H cups. Panties come in XS to XXL.

Hear from our members:

"Imagine my absolute delight when stumbling across Better Than Cheesecake, one of those serendipitous occurrences in our lives where we discover a kindred soul. It is an absolute delight to find someone who is so knowledgeable about the art of lingerie, an expert at helping the customer understand how to identify the correct size choices to ensure that your lingerie gives you pleasure rather than undermining your confidence through ill-fitting underwear which will ruin a 'power suit' moment in a heartbeat. I cannot recommend Better Than Cheesecake more highly. Very reasonable pricing for gorgeous lingerie that will boost your self confidence and be a physical manifestation of female strength. And an incredibly supportive, non-judgemental 'friend' to ensure you make the right choices with your lingerie selections to ensure an enduringly positive experience. If you're anything like me, it's an experience you will be driven to repeat many times."
- Fiona
"The Aubade Seduction Club brings luxury into your life with first looks from the season's newest styles & colours and access to special offerings.  You get to flip through lookbooks and see what's coming before anyone else!  Having this access to such a highly regarded French lingerie brand feels like it's too good to be true!  Better than Cheesecake brings such a personal touch to every interaction with being fantastically knowledgeable, incredibly responsive, and just so easy to work with. Of all the clubs to belong to, this one brings the most beauty & joy into my life."
- Valerie

Reminders for Members

Payment must be made in advance. If your invoice has not been paid by the final deadline your items will not be included in the order.

Be sure of your size. If you are unsure consult with me prior to placing your order.

We cannot take returns. Why? I would be stuck with it.