Wow, this red is attention getting!

The Lingerie Mindset

Lingerie is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top of the sundae, or the wrapping on a gift so beautiful you must savor the unwrapping. At least, that's how I feel about it.

Most people don't. Of course most people don't even really know what it is. Americans hear the word lingerie and their mind goes directly to something skimpy, sexy, even scandalous that you wear only for a few minutes prior to adult fun time. But that's wrong. The word lingerie simply means one thing: women's undergarments. Even those plastic-wrapped multi-packs of boring white cotton underwear are lingerie. Nearly every woman owns lingerie and wears it every day.

Many women are uncomfortable in their own skin. I saw this often in my store. Women would even say they wished they had the body of the mannequin. "Your body is infinitely better, because it's real," I would reply. They would say they had no one to wear it for and I would answer, "Yes you do, you have the best person to wear it for, yourself." The next excuse would be that it comes off right way so why bother. Well, first of all as was established above, this isn't true. Second, even if it were the case, if it comes off that quick then I hate to tell you this, but you aren't doing it right.

A gentleman came into the boutique at Christmastime while in town on business and related his story to me. His wife, he said, was never really into lingerie. One day he bought her a set as a gift but she put it away in her drawer and didn't wear it for quite some time. Then one morning as she dressed, for whatever reason, she decided to put that set on. When he came home that night she told him how it fit her so well and was so comfortable that simply the feel of it made her feel differently, better about herself. She stood taller, she felt more confident. No, no one else could see it, but she knew it was there, underneath that regular mom-running-errands outfit, making her feel secretly special. And he was so happy that she finally "got what most other women already knew." But that's where he was wrong. Most women don't get it. I'd guess 20% do and 80% don't.

You wear lingerie every day anyway, why not something beautiful and well made? You get what you pay for and YOU are worth it.