Wow, this red is attention getting!


I love lingerie. I've loved it for as long as I can remember and I wanted to work in the lingerie industry. To make my dreams a reality I spent my entire adult life saving, researching, planning for and then opening a little boutique of my very own. Well, things didn't go very well.

Then I decided to just try and be a tiny little online business and I devoted the next few years to paying down debt and learning about online marketing. But that didn't work out either because social media companies think lingerie is an "adult product" and put severe restrictions on advertising media. I mean you wouldn't want a beautiful photo shown to an unsuspecting social media user who had previously liked and followed other lingerie brands now would you? They might find that offensive and complain.

But during this time as I sold off my remaining inventory online I met lingerie fans who asked if I could make special orders. I could, but only through Aubade the one brand that hadn't cut ties due to lack of orders. Then I decided I could be perfectly happy catering to a handful of dedicated customers which has allowed me to keep my toes in the waters of my favorite thing in the World.

Aubade is my favorite brand ever. They are French, trace their roots back to the 1860's and make very good quality, seductive and supportive lingerie. Please consider giving yourself a treat.

Falke is a German brand that makes hosiery, socks and other items.

What you see "in stock" is what remains from my store. It may not seem like much (seems like a lot to me when I look at it in my basement.) If you find something you like, great! But if not then consider joining my Seduction Club where I special order for you, give a discount and then ship it to you for FREE.

If you have questions, e-mail me by clicking that little envelope right under here, or through the contact box.